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Online marketing offers endless possibilities - and we are just at the beginning. Successfully implemented, it has a great advantage compared to traditional marketing. Digital brand experiences can be created, target groups specifically addressed and campaigns continuously adapted.


Successful Online Marketing does not come by chance. Instead, it is about an interaction of various components, which have to be coordinated optimally. Here we get into the game: We know what attracts your brand's clients best, ex-

pand your brand's community, create interactions and help to increase your brand's sales. We inspire, excite and open up new perspectives.


We offer a full range of online marketing services, including consulting, strategy development, content creation, implementation in the appropriate channels and reporting. All campaigns are targeted specifacally and adaptable. We spread the content to the maximum and know when which channels make most sense!




Your marketing should be as individual as your brand. There is no off-the-shelf strategy, every concept is unique!


Online marketing is still a foreign word for you? We are happy to show how you can use it for your goals.


You already have ideas, but you are not sure how to implement them? We are looking forward giving you specific suggestions for your campaigns.


Is your brand missing the right content? We create authentic videos, photos and texts.


Our team is always available for comprehensive consulting and strategy development. Let's do it!




Content must inspire - and is essential for outdoor sports brands. The basis of successful outdoor marketing is attractive content that optimally represents products, services and brands. 


Our location in Innsbruck is a community hotspot in the midst of the Tyrolean Alps. This enables us to carry out projects promptly, under optimal weather and snow conditions as well as very efficiently.


We perform exclusive photo and video shootings and write appealing stories as well as expert articles. The products and services of your brand can be brought to life. We generate authentic brand experiences and emotional moments between the brand and the people. We help to inspire, entertain and influence potential customers on behalf of your brand. Every brand is unique, and needs unique content tailored to it!




We choose and create the most suitable channels for your campaigns and/or maintain them continously.


Social media includes Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Initially popular with younger target groups, now used by people of all ages. Your customers are active on these platforms, communicate, post, liken, shop. A good chance for your brand to get in touch with them. Due to the fact that social media is now used by most people, placement of your brand there is almost inevitable.


However, your Facebook, Instagram- and Youtube accounts should be managed just as professionally as you sell your products or provide services - otherwise your presence can quickly be perceived as inappropriate. In addition, each platform has its own "laws". We build and optimize the accounts, create appealing and unique posts and conduct targeted advertising on these platforms. Let's build a community around your brand!

  • Facebook - Schwarzer Kreis
  • Instagram - Schwarzer Kreis
  • YouTube - Schwarzer Kreis


Influencers are basically people who can positively influence other individuals regarding your brand. In the narrower sense, they are social media users who have a large reach or many followers. Their popularity and authenticity can be used for campaigns. They convey passion, tick like potential customers and can act as brand ambassadors. Furthermore, they create content that you can use for your own accounts. The key is to find influencers that match the brand best and reach the right audiences. We bring together what belongs together! We also have our own micro influencing channel on Instagram and Facebook. So let´s find the "right" influencers for your brand and coordinate the activities with them.



Blogs are the optimal tool to influence the media about certain products and to position your company as an expert. We publish articles that relate to your brand, product or service. This can also be achieved indirectly through photos or contests. It also allows you to present new products, collect e-mail addresses for newsletter campaigns and generate content for social media.


It is important that the articles are written by experts in the respective field. Only they have the know-how to deliver relevant content for the respective target group. Our team is part of various outdoor communities and helps you to develop excellent blog posts according to your goals or to establish entire blogs.

FireShot Capture 013 - Unsere News – ROC


Email and newsletter campaigns are a good tool to strengthen your brand's customer relationships and generate traffic on your website. We create personalized emails that provoke a personal dialogue with your customers. Advantages include direct communication, relatively simple execution, low cost and accurate evaluation of campaigns.

FireShot Capture 016 - Neue Website & Wi


A meaningful website presents your brand and your company. It should meet various criteria: modern and individual design, appealing content, functionality and optimized presentation on all devices (responsivity), security and legal requirements, as well as search engine optimization. In addition, it should always be kept up-to-date. 


We analyze your existing presence and develop fresh concepts, always with the goal in mind. We create smaller web projects at manageable costs and take care of them optionally.

FireShot Capture 010 - ROCK'nd SNOW __ F

Search engine

optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization involves various measures to improve the findability and ranking in the (Google) search results.  For example, the content and programming of the website are optimized and the user experience is improved. We identify areas where action is needed and improve the ranking of your website.

Website Mockup

Search engine advertising (SEA)



Text-based ads in search results or image-based ads on third-party sites are placed using tools such as Google Adwords or Outbrain. By defining specific keywords, locations, etc., the target group can be defined very precisely and costs can be controlled. Typical goals are to reach customers faster, increase click rates and sales. We are well acquainted with the different tools!

FB Post Gutschein.jpg



Our campaigns can be  adapted continuously and their success measured directly. We collect comprehensive data about your customers and their behaviour, which can be incorporated into further campaigns.


The results and data are comprehensively summarised in our reports. This gives you a better understanding of your customers and enables you to address them more adequately!

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