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May we introduce ourselves? The Collective - got to know each other on the mountain, united by the love for outdoor sports, grown through mutual trust. 


It all started with a day of skiing together. A little later, the camera became our constant companion for capturing our experiences. The basis for our first portfolio was created. In the next step we improved our skills in order to create the most unique pictures. The growing popularity of Instagram allowed us to share the snapshots with the community.

The great resonance there and from various outdoor brands finally motivated us to establish Collective Mountains as a marketing agency and integrate it into the ROCK'nd SNOW Outdoor Sports Agency, which was founded in 1985. This gi-

ves us access to many years of experience in the outdoor industry and to the ROCK'nd SNOW Alpine School.


We cannot imagine a better location than Innsbruck. The combination of urban cosmopolitanism and alpine lifestyle makes it a community hotspot. Nowhere else there is such a close connection between city and outdoor sports - reached by cable car from our doorsteps. 


Who are the heads behind Collective Mountains? We have a solid academic education, extensive professional experience in the outdoor industry and sporting qualifications that speak for themselves. No room for the ordinary: Each of us is an expert in different outdoor sports communities.


Andy grew up in the ROCK'nd SNOW Outdoor Sports Agency. He developed his enthusiasm for skiing early. At the age of 16 he completed his first ski instructor apprenticeship. Since then he has been active as a guide at the ROCK'nd SNOW Alpine School. He soon realized that he wanted to get closer to the mountains in order to spend as much time as possible skiing and mountain biking. Therefore he chose the University of Innsbruck for his studies with focus on marketing and sales.


Meanwhile, he has built up a wide range of professional knowledge through work at MSR in Seattle, in a PR agency and through the organisational management of the ROCK'nd SNOW Alpine School. Andy combines the passion for outdoor sports with an excellent know-how about the products as well as in marketing and sales.


Outdoor-Sport-Communities: Skiing (Freeride, Skitouring, Slope), Mountainbiking, Hiking, Windsurfing

Education: Master of Science Strategic Management (focus Marketing & Sales), Ski Instructor Level 3 (ISIA)

Competences: Marketing Manager, Community Expert, Organization, Customer Care, Athlete


Spiegel, msc

Christopher developed a deep connection to nature early in his childhood.


During his studies he was able to further develop this passion - Innsbruck and the surrounding mountains offered an ideal breeding ground. A bachelor's degree in biology and the subsequent master's degree in microbiology form the scientific basis for his deep relation to nature.


In his photographs he focuses on the relationship between the subject and its environment. The power of nature to which humans must adapt is reflected in his pictures. For years he has been photographing the outdoor community of Innsbruck.


Outdoor Sports Communities: Skiing (Freeride, Skitouring, Slope), Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Hiking, Trail Running

Education: Master of Science in Microbiology

Competences: Photographer, Community Expert

Stefan Langkau, msc

Many years of experience in outdoor sports meet professional expertise.  In 2012, Stefan moved to Innsbruck for his studies and skiing. Nowhere else studying is more fun, which is why he completed his Master of Science in Strategic Management in Innsbruck right after his Bachelor's degree. 


Afterwards, Stefan focused on Online Marketing. Therefore, it is not surprising that he initially devoted himself to the topic of SEO. He gained further knowledge in Communication Marketing through his work for the Finnish sports equipment manufacturer Amer Sports in Munich. There he was in charge of the brands Salomon, Atomic and Wilson. 

Outdoor Sports Communities: Skiing (Freeride & Slope), Mountain Biking, Hiking, Diving

Education: Master of Science Strategic Management (Focus Online Marketing), Ski Instructor Level 2 (DSLV)

Competences: Video Editing, Photo Editing, Marketing Manager, Community Expert, Weatherman

Joschka Huber

Joschka is an athlete through and through. He discovered his passion for skiing at an early age and developed it into freeriding. In order to be closer to the mountains, he moved his place of residence to Innsbruck. In winter, he spends every free minute in the snow and has enough time to train for the certified ski instructor apprenticeship.


At Collective Mountains Joschka is an athlete and community expert for skiing (slope, freeride, ski touring) and various endurance sports. In the ROCK'nd SNOW Alpine School he is a guide and always has the right tip for the skiing technique ready...and of course a relaxed phrase!


Outdoor Sport Communities: Skiing (Freeride & Slope), Running, Swimming, Roadbiking, Mountain Biking, Hiking

Education: Ski Instructor Level 3 (ISIA), Apprenticeship to a State-Certified Ski Instructor

Competences: Athlete and Community Expert

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