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CONTENT Kreation

Content should impress - and is an essential aspect of outdoor sports brands. The basis of successful Outdoor-Marketing is appealing content that represents products, services and brands perfectly. A study* carried out among 700 European marketing managers has proven: Content marketing is the most commercially successful tool for winning new customers and increasing sales. Your brand stands out from the competition with high-quality and perfectly coordinated content.

We are located in Innsbruck, a community hotspot right in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps. This enables us to carry out pro-

jects quickly, in ideal weather and snow conditions and in the most efficient way: exclusive photo and video shootings, appealing stories and informative expert articles. The products and services of your brand can be brought to life.


We create authentic brand experiences and emotional moments between the brand and the people. We help to inspire, entertain and influence potential customers on behalf of your brand. Every brand is unique, and therefore needs unique content!



The appeal of meaningful photos is still unbeaten, even if every person owns a camera nowadays. We can share our captured moments, so a part of us becomes part of others. Photographs inspire us because they can capture significant actions of our existence forever.


Our philosophy is based on our understanding for what we see, what surrounds us and what we experience. A good understanding results in a deeper connection, from which we receive ideas and visions. Visions that touch and inspire others. This relationship of human beings as part of nature plays an important role in our photographs.


Outside our cities, our comfort zone, adaptation to prevailing conditions is the key to the success of a project. Nature determines the framework in which we can move.  Nature defines our individual path!

Content Fotos





In contrast to photos, videos are no snapshots. Past experiences return to life and become the medium by which emotions and information can be transported most sustainably.


Animated pictures can be used in an impressive way to present your brand at its best. Join the Collective and let's make your story real together.


We are experts in the various formats and the respective requirements. Whether a short social media clip or an image video lasting several minutes - our services are (almost) without limits. A wide range of recording options will stage sports, landscapes and athletes on behalf of your brand.

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